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Better Features

We design to fit all your needs

User Friendly Interface

ZAP is designed to suit anyone with basic knowledge of computer. Guidelines and Video tour are available for your perusal


We provide you with the opportunity to make changes to the running of the software, to suite your best interest.

High End Security

Daily database backup, SSL (end to end encryption) and ID encryption secures ZAP users.

Web Based Application

It is an onine school management system which works on your favourite web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)

Multi-School Solution

ZAP is designed to intelligently interlink and manage all school branches at a click of a button

Speed and Accuracy

ZAP is designed to automatically validate inputs, increase efficiency and improve internet loading speed

ZAP Benefits

Why use ZAP

Financial Management

improve transparency and consequently save costs to boost profit using online school management software.

Teachers Productivity

ZAP is a very efficient online method of operation and will reduce workload for teachers thereby creates time for other activities

Parents Involvement

ZAP helps you easily connect parent with the school information readily available. With parents involvement, Students improves more in their education

Digital Marketing

ZAP helps the school easily connect and enhance its publicity on social media and other school advert platforms increasing its population.

Our 45+ Modules

Take the control of your school with ZAP. Our 45+ modules are grouped under this packages

Domain Management

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Records & Result Package

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Website & E-learning Package

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Store & Financial Package

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ZAP Premium Package

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ZAP Ultimate Package

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